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HotelPriceCompare.net is a leading hotel search engine that provides hotel deals from various top hotel sites online. In simple words, we provide you the cheapest hotel rate in almost any city in the less time.

Who are we?
We are a joint effort of several tourism/travel related companies. We have a 15 years of tourism and travel industries experience. We know what a traveler is looking for on his next trip. This search engine came into existence to meet the needs of a common traveler who is looking for the best hotel at the cheapest rates.

What we do?
We are a unique travel search dedicated to finding the hotels worldwide in over 195 countries. We search the world's most popular hotel reservation websites allowing instant comparison of hotel details, rates, taxes and availability information on one simple web page. We are independent and are not paid to promote any particular website or hotel. We are committed to showing the "complete picture" for any hotel that can be booked on the Internet today.

Why Us?
We search over 30 top travel sites to find you the best hotel deals online. We search over 200,000 hotels in over 195 countries. We are the largest hotel database in the world. We provide you the best results in less time. You do not have to go to different sites to look for the cheapest hotel rates. We do this for you with no cost.

What we are not...
We are not associated with any hotel or agency. We provide you unbiased results with the cheapest hotel rates. We do not sell you anything as we do not have anything to sell to you. We only provide you hotel information by searching over 30 travel sites. We are not affiliates to any of these travel sites in any way and do not take any responsibility regarding your experience with them.

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